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Video excerpts of Disappearing Ink at 2640 Space with appearances by Dave Heumann and a string quartet of Peabody Institute students. 16mm projections by Bob Wagner.

Disappearing Ink is a Baltimore band.


(L to R) Lawrence Lanahan (vocals/guitar/keys), Adam Koontz (drums), Dan Kutcher (bass).

Disappearing Ink plays the songs of guitarist Lawrence Lanahan. With bassist Dan Kutcher and drummer Adam Koontz, the versatile trio incorporates rock, chamber pop, guitar pop, country, and jazz into arrangements and improvisations that embrace beauty, muscular grooves, and dissonance.


Guest musicians frequently join the trio. Recent collaborators include Dave Heumann (Arboretum), Eben Dennis (Soft Peaks), and a string quartet (HeeYun Cho, Angeline Wang, Nathan Hillman, and Alex Wu).

Disappearing Ink's The Charm of Abstraction was released June 1, 2023. 

The first version of Disappearing Ink included Joe Tropea (bass), Bob Wagner (drums). They released "There Is No Time and Nothing's Been" in 2014.


The next Disappearing Ink included Kevin Corbin (bass, banjo), Mark Brock-Cancellieri (keys), Odell Norman (drums). Mark and Lawrence recorded "Surprises" and released it in 2020.

In 2021, Disappearing Ink released the EP Recount.

Lawrence Lanahan released a self-titled EP in 2004.

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