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Got some great songs? Been thinking about fleshing them out and taking them to a studio?

If you want to make acoustic demos, put bass and drums on some tunes, add string or horn accompaniment, or record an entire album, I can help you make it happen in my home studio for a very reasonable hourly rate. 

More photos and videos of the studio below!

I have just about anything you need: drums, guitars, bass, electric piano, and a MIDI keyboard with tons of great sounds. (Full gear list here.) With a background in theory and composition, I can write arrangements for professional session musicians. I've been writing songs and making music for 30 years, and I love the look on a fellow songwriter's face when their song has finally become what they knew it could be. 

If you're interested, send me an e-mail or call me at 410-375-6350. We can do a free two-hour consult in the studio to talk through your plans and start recording a basic acoustic demo.

More photos and videos of the studio below!

Here are some recordings that came out of my home studio and how I helped them materialize.

Joe came to me with a set of acoustic songs he wanted to turn into an album. I took on a producer role in addition to recording: 

- helped him add bridges and finish structuring the songs
- tracked basic demos with vocals and acoustic guitar
- wrote a cello part
- collaborated on basic song arrangement
- booked a drummer, accordionist, cellist, and pedal steel guitarist
- played drums, bass, keyboards, and electric guitar parts
- recorded and mixed 10 songs
- wrote promotional materials

I think Joe's record sounds wonderful and gives his songs the sound they deserved all along. He got a good review at Lonesome Highway and airplay on WLOY in Baltimore and 100.5 FM in Vancouver.

Steve Sherman has a batch of wonderful tunes that I'm helping him record. The first one is gorgeous: "Beauty of Your Blues." With Steve, I have:

- recorded vocal/acoustic guitar demos of nine songs
- written a string quartet arrangement for Beauty of Your Blues
- recorded and mixed Beauty of Your Blues with string quartet
- played bass and drums on Beauty of Your Blues
- recorded another one of Steve's songs with a lead vocalist that he brought to the studio and added a piano part at his request

Disappearing Ink

I've recorded two full-length albums and an EP for my project Disappearing Ink in my home studio. The most recent, The Charm of Abstraction, was composed and recorded on my Arturia KeyLab49 using various samples, looped tracks of live drums, and the virtual keyboards, bass, and drums in the Arturia V Collection 7. I recorded the other albums with live drums, bass, guitars, vocals, and a Yamaha CP-30 electric piano, which gets good Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and Clavinet sounds.

"See My Life," from The Charm of Abstraction

Recount (EP, 2021)


Arturia Keylab49 and Mackie XR624 studio monitors.

Surprises (2020)

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